Zara Commodities (Pvt) Ltd. is a broker & clearing member of Pakistan Mercantile Exchange, with a focus on superior trading conditions and customer service. We are well ahead of our competitors primarily due to our extensive market experience, state-of-the-art technology, risk management capabilities, hedging strategies and financial engineering expertise. We provide institutional and sophisticated investors access to dedicated liquidity pools through our proprietary FIX Servers. Our cutting-edge technology Platform MT5 is playing a vital role to achieve our targeted execution and analytics.

Zara Commodities’ core business is acting as the primary source to its valued clients in Futures trading. Other principal products and services provide our customers with opportunities to trade on major currencies, commodities, metals and crude oil.

Zara Commodities has been making consistent efforts over the last few years to make transparency not just a cornerstone of its business model but to encourage it in the industry, as one of the leading brokers in the market. Zara Commodities is now taking another giant step in aligning its interests with the Commodity Farmers and Stockiest through a transition from the conventional Speculative Trading to the Physical Hedging Model to protect their assets as well as to boost the overall expected profits.